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The Midst of Things


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[ Verse 1 ] Rollin around in misery Chest on fire a familiar sting Smokin’ loud in the mezzanine Hold it down In the midst of things All have sinned and fallen short An undone trial with a wild report Soak my soul in simple green A simile for your sympathy [ Chorus ] But I didn’t need your love No I didn’t need your love Nah But I’m gonna’ need your love When I didn’t need your love Ah. [Verse 2] Silent prayers & buddha beads Keep the devil away from me A Subtle hint of the potpourri Hold it down in the midst of things If I die by the police Pray the lord my soul is free Liquid death fructose for free A simile for your sympathy But I didn’t need your love No I didn’t need your love Nah But I’m gonna need your love. When I didn’t need your love. Ah
[Chorus] I’ve been patient Your delaying Waiting Placing all the blame on me Impatient No debating This is fading What’s it gonna be X2 
What’s it gonna be? X2 [Verse] Lately I’ve been Feeling Like a forbidden fruit Patience Waning Softness fading Facing truth If I could find a way to make you stay I would do whatever It takes (ah) Your falling away from me Your fading from view Has it all been a waste or Are you taking some space? ‘cause [Chorus]
[Verse 1] [MMYYKK] Who can I trust in a world with deep fakes In a world Where a black man moving up is somethin’ like playing sweepstakes. but lord knows I know sometimes a nigga need an escape ‘cause time rolls on while you busy jacking on And popular discourse is populated with pawns. On god I ain’t sweatin’ yo chain nigga ‘cause it takes work to sweat And work to make change And I got more than money to make So you can go head and keep that white noise behind your face ‘cause what you sayin’ to me ain’t gon’ get us free and I ain’t got time to waste (uh he said) [Hook] Look at all the likes on my pics for what? You heard what they said about this? For what? Look at all the ice on my wrist For what? mind on twist sippin’ Actavis For what? You ain’t worried bout what you might miss? For what? What about the ops niggas tryin’ to diss! For what? Wild out Nigga ignorance is bliss For what? X2 [Verse 2] [Ricki Monique ] Took a page and twisted To a dark future Idolized to death We was hoping for a feature Brambles and birdsongs I’m the neighborhood creature They watch like gold bound I grew talents in my leisure Ignant Gods children Bore witness to my birth Before me glistening in dirt Brought me to the shore So I could frolic on this verse The concept is complex I’m barely getting to the surface Niggas got big dreams Niggas be underground living With a different inspiration Till they get mainstreamed Then we all blame the artists Not the industry Say the people movin’ forward But its been this way (been this way) Try to write hits but don’t (heal my pain) Then they want me public with a (smile on my face) This ain’t what I signed up for I broke my back just to stand this tall I got vision All these dreams for my tribe No more industry for my guys Probably stretch the defeat and trauma out my thighs This is when the beat of the drum become my guides (be my guide) [Bridge] [MMYYKK] Please help me clear my mind out I wish I could reclaim my time (where has the love gone?) Was it real or simulated? Was that a bot I just debated? (I don’t even know no more) Guess it’s all in the game Watching us go insane But I still.. [Chorus] x2
Loot Pack 03:01
[verse 1] For the real ones For the real, wait Real.. yeah.. Tried to find life but he found fossils Tried to move forward now they wanna box Made is own lane now he got apostles Fanning on the flames sippin’ cold pop (look) Niggas really lame wit that lickin’ shots shit We try to maintain livin’ off the top A nigga never changed just became the topic Screaming fuck fame screaming fuck the cops (yeah) Screaming fuck fame screaming fuck the cops (yeah) Talk about ops but they all illusions Politics is washed bro we all losin’ Over all the weak shit pass the aux Simulated faces with no options (uh) Dead eyed villains mobbin’ down the blocks Blood on the badge we was all watchin’ [Hook] Had to open up the window And let it air out put a match to the indo Don’t let it burn out Loop back catch a bag with the kinfolk Then spread it all out Try to sew roots for the come up Instead of blowing bags for the summer (summer) [Verse 2] Screaming fuck fame screaming fuck the cops (yeah) Smile for the camera while the bottles poppin’ try to change the channel but it’s all nonsense Twerk somethin’ jiggle for the TikTok Simulated faces and they all watchin’ Want a hologram Nipsey at Coachella stop it.. Artificial flavors for your lunch box Tried to find life but he found fossils Tried to give ‘em greens but they want waffles High fructose for your head top Inflation on ten got you pocket watchin’ Praying over meals running out of options Look Stop blowing bags bro that shit toxic Niggas triple “P” scamming for the wrist watch. [Hook]
[Verse1] MMYYKK aYo what’s buss’n Pullin up wit the cousins We tryin’ to function Posted up with the bredren Got the dust wit me and it’s buzzin’ (buzzin’) Got the dust wit me and it’s buzzin’ Black UFO call it Tubman (woah) Came to swoop bro it’s nothin’ Hit the blunt with the dustin’ Come in peace we don’t fuck wit the government ( no ) We don’t fuck wit the gov’ment ( no ) Beam me down we gon’ slide through the trap Spread love we just tryin’ to bring you back To the source, ancient life from the faucet Black light streaming straight to your consciousness Beam you up like a Lyft but it’s cosmic Roll it up like a spliff that’s the process We on some fly shit (yo) Smoke wit the gang we don’t want no problems [Hook] Came from the stars a million miles above Melanin poppin’ got your style from us. f Ain’t no need to bust We just pulled up to smoke space dust Don’t even trip we like some distant cousins a similar smoke it’s just a different color Don’t mean to interrupt We just pulled up to smoke space dust [Verse 2] Kaleem The Dream ayo Eyes low from the hydro No plane You gon’ need a spaceship where I go Black Spock in a ragtop through the cosmos With about Five o’s on my (why) ‘cause I’m too high for 5-0 Who need the word I got the gospel (aye) Who got the herb I need it pronto (aye) My vision blurred I’m off the fronto (aye) Loud pack full of black noise This aint moon rock this a muphuckin’ asteroid Got me trippin’ like Amerie’s one thing Arm out the ship lit the spliff on a sunbeam Like the truth how we come clean and direct Out of this world I got E.T’s intellect Getting throwed with the bros who tryin’ to intercept? Interstellar pig skins hit you in the chest On some catch a vibe shit (aye) Gang get you high like the price of college (word) (Chorus)
U Got Me 03:26
(Verse 1) I wanna have a real thing (real thing) With you All my life I found out the hard way (the hard way) Took my lumps with a crabcake on the side (I don’t wanna break your heart or lose you baby) I wanna find sweetness (sweetness) In the deepest (in the deepest) Parts of you (oooh) On God (on God I want you) I want you forever And a day All you have to do is stay with me (all you’ve got to do is stay) ( Chorus ) If I got you Then you got me x2 (Verse 2) Just as you are (as you are) And Just as I am Together An Imperfect Perfect harmony I’ll sing your song in the morning (in the morning) Play the melody across your skin (your skin) Oh ‘cause I want you The right way All you have to do is stay with me ‘Cause if I got you (Chorus) As long as you need me I’ll be there As long as you want me I’m right there As long as I need you you’ll be there As long as I want you As long as I need you As long as I want you you’ll be there As long as you need me I’m right there As long as you want me I’m right there As long as you want me As long as you want me (Baby you got me) You’ve got me yeah.. Maybe it was your style or your glow But I want you to know you got me Maybe it was the peach wit them toes But I want you to know Got Dammit you got me (I can’t seem to keep myself from callin you) Maybe it was the smile in your soul But I want you to know (cause I want you to know) you got me. (fade out)
Verse 1 Commas gon’ impress the crowd Buy the house from ya wildest dreams I don’t want no fuss to drive my car got one that drives for me Don’t worry if you can’t pay they check right now Open up a tab with me Balla’s always get the broads Need a spouse for your diamond ring Chorus All Over the finer thangs Growing your debts over finer thangs All over the finer thangs Go into debt over finer thangs (HORN SOLO) Verse 2 Fall into the hands of God Give me your keys and your diamond rings Ain’t no way to hide your “bust down” now No time for bargaining Don’t forget the fob for the drop top now Ain’t no sense in arguing Wanted to impress the crowd But found death over finer things Chorus 2 All Over the finer thangs Finding your death over finer thangs All over the finer thangs Finding your death over finer thangs
Visions 03:51
[Verse 1] I been up late tryin’ to get mine And I been trying hard not to rewind And I been seeing signs of the times comin’ pictures in my eyes got my mind runnin’ I see visions I see visions [Chorus] of we Me and you, us and them, mamma ‘nem Visions of We (you and me, us and them) [Verse 2] Tough talkers Lickin shots Shottas Have we lost ya I’m just askin sincerely Stay with me For the long haul It’s simply [Chorus] [Verse 3] Look into my eyes see your own reflection Traumatic stress got u testin’ I ain’t tryin’ to preach Not a pulpit nigga but I’m stressin’ ‘Cause times of the essence I see visions Tune in to the transmission It’s time for a transition He said it’s just rap that’s cap death threats in your man’s mentions Get out ya cotton picking mind that’s a Klan symptom Willie lynch tricks adding to the tension Worked 40 years fired ‘fore he got the pension Land of the free, home we ain’t never lived in Whole world wishing death over black children Whole world wishing death over black children Hate make you Ill love is the penicillin He Try to speak to your heart but your mans killed him. Damn. (gunshot) [Outro] Oooh this pain is just my Luck x 4
VERSE 1 (MMYYKK) Quarter pound of pain A couple ounces of peace Looking for a taste of joy all I taste is defeat Depression is a bitch and she off the leash Sheesh Picture me tryin’ to be Eloheim Initiated havin’ sacred dreams I’m high In spaces paved with nature themes I see the fine line by the make believe If your reality is cash rules You eatin’ paper greens I peeled the veil back like muffin caps That’s by any means. Pouring libations for the souls of the fallen nation they runnin’ in place Holding hatred sacred I find myself in the inner spaces Between the gap Peep the syntax Where the hen at Been livin’ light off the dome where the pen at Tracing my life thru the synapse Now tell me what is knowledge to a lost mind? I kept my soul often wonder if I lost mine. (Bridge) Feelin’ pain all over my body Holding all of your folly Over me Verse 2 (Ricki Monique ) Now what is knowledge  To a lost mind lost soul on solo mode you running outta time  Illusion on the rise  This continuum is sacred probably never touch the sky but how do I? how do I break the cycle  My gut can’t turn no further my reflection needing Lypo  My feet been in the same spot It’s final  Stench and I’m stretched out  Ready for the stride but my limbs playin dead now  Death lookin nice  I pay the price for all the lost times  Illusions call it less ties  Some lessons Last a lifetime  Don’t heat rise?  I gotta get that kerosine (Aye) Ashes in the pit  They don’t even know it’s me (Aye) Dada told me get it  I don’t even know how  He said hustlin’ in ya blood  I must ran that shit out  Resolution futile  Revolutionize a few my fuse go boom and blew out My fuse go boom and blew out… (Bridge) Feelin’ pain all over my body Holding all of your folly Over me I think I wanna run away
Get Free 03:26


The Midst of Things is a multi-layered expression of my views on the state of the culture in America today. The album explores ways our humanity is being impacted by rapid globalization and technological shifts. The paradox of social media's ability to both connect us and cause us to be more disconnected than ever.

This album questions what our priorities are. What are “American values” in 2023? “Who can I trust in a world of deep fakes?” I ask in the song Bliss. Is there any objective truth in a world with “alternative facts”? Is there one true reality or is it all subjective?

This album is also the culmination of my processing of the trauma and hardship I experienced over the pandemic and civil unrest in Minneapolis over the last few years. The deep levels of depression that come with living in a black body in this country. The rejection, the anger and frustration, and the fear of having my body destroyed simply for expressing that anger in the presence of the wrong white body.

My goal with this album is to provoke conversations and create engagement around these questions and themes. but also to give you something new and inspiring while opening you up to the full spectrum of my sound and voice.


released July 28, 2023

All Songs Mixed By: Akiyoshi Ehara
All Songs Mastered By: Alec Ness


all rights reserved



MMYYKK Minneapolis, Minnesota

MMYYKK (pronounced "Mike") is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and music producer from the Inland Empire CA, and currently residing in Minneapolis MN. MMYYKK's eclectic and forward-thinking sound situates itself at the intersections of Soul, Jazz, Electro and R&B; blending analog synthesis and neck-breaking rhythms amalgamated with sonic alchemy. ... more

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